Katherine Fakashchuk

1. Graphic Design
2. Newspaper Design
3. Creative Direction

Our team was given the opportunity to come up with the creative direction for a dessert issue of Willamette Week. We illustrated and designed the cover as well as the spreads for this issue. We chose a fun and fantastical direction that allowed us to turn portland into a city of dessert. We took what is iconic to Portland, Oregon and turned it into a tastier version of what represents the city.

The talented illustrators on our team brought the vision to life with delicious illustrations.

As Senior Designer of the team, I was responsible for designing the spread layouts that would be printed for the issue. My designs drew from the illustrations with a fun and vibrant style that would catch the eyes of readers and compliment the illustrations.

Our team:
Art Director: Phoebe Moreno
Project Manager: Nicholas Calhoun
Senior Designer: Katherine Fakashchuk
Illustrator: Francis Bagby
Illustrator: MJ Jacobo
Illustrator: Sami Filosa