Katherine Fakashchuk

I am fascinated by how design can establish order and convey messages visually, sometimes without the need for words. Design has the power to bring people together and create a community that might not have existed before. As a designer, I find joy in the research phase of my projects. I love to delve into the history of a topic, brand, or project I am working on. Organization plays a big role in all of my work, preventing me from feeling overwhelmed and it comes through in my designs. I continually challenge myself by taking on diverse projects, each contributing to my growth as a designer.

I am particularly drawn to marketing and branding design because of the extensive research and meticulous planning involved in creating a compelling brand identity. Seeing my vision materialize, or helping someone else’s vision to life, is always fulfilling to me.

For a long time, I didn’t consider myself an artist. However, my childhood instilled a love of creativity and art in me without me even realizing. My dad, despite his job as a truck driver keeping him away for long periods of time, would always come home with something artistic for us to do together. Whether it was working on puzzles, paint-by-numbers kits, or leaving me little drawings on sticky notes, his small gestures left a lasting impression on me. My parents sacrificed their own passions when immigrating to the US from Ukraine, prioritizing our education and allowing us to pursue our dreams. Their support motivated me to apply to art school and pursue graphic design.

Although I initially was more interested in math than art, my artistic side slowly emerged. Incorporating my strategic mindset into my artistic process led me to pursuing graphic design as a career later in high school.

Throughout my life, I have been surounded by a tight-knit community of family and friends. Our shared experiences, like camping trips and big family dinners, have shaped who I am. Today, I love to cook for my friends and family and explore cultures through food. My mom’s stories of her childhood growing up on a small farm in Ukraine have inspired my dream of one day retiring on a small farm surrounded by nature and lots of animals to keep me company.